Home now to over 9 million people, present day Azerbaijan was once part of the Persian Empire. It was ceded to Russia following the Russo-Persian war of 1804-13. It remained under Russian rule till 28th May 1918, when it first declared its independence, during the fall of the Russian Empire. It was enveloped by what would later become the Soviet Union in 1919 only to become independent again in 1991.  With the fading of the Soviet Union, Azerbaijan became an independent, oil rich nation, though a dispute over Armenian separatists’ occupation of the territory of Ngorno-Qarabaq, has created much bitterness between the two countries ever since their independence.


Azerbaijan is the world’s second largest Shi’ite nation. It has a smaller Sunni minority, and a tiny historical Christian minority made up mainly of Russians some European minorities and the small historic Udi people group. The Azeri evangelical church makes up no more than a fraction of one percent of the population, most who came to know the Lord since the early 1990’s. The Bible, a Study Bible and various other written and media resources are available in Northern Azerbaijani. 


For more detailed information on the 40 or more people groups found in Azerbaijan refer to the Joshua Project pages for Northern Azerbaijan. 

Ongoing Prayer Needs:


  • For fruit from the many evangelistic efforts of the local church.

  • For the continued growth in the maturity unity and wisdom of local leaders.

  • For local churches to obtain legal registration, so they can obtain the facilities they need to train and develop their people for ministry. 

  • For a change in the societal mindset towards what being a believer in Christ means. Many are open and if they were to believe, how would that change the nation?

  • The Azerbaijanis are a kind and hospitable people. Jesus stands at the door and knocks. Pray they will open the door to Him.



For more detailed information refer to the Joshua Project pages. 

Iran is home to the largest population of Azerbaijanis in the world. Estimates range from 17-30 million in Iran, but even taking the lower number they comprise the largest Azeri population globally. The northern three provinces of Iran are majority Azerbaijani, but Azerbaijanis are spread throughout the country and have been part of the wider global Iranian dispersal.


The supreme leader of Iran, Ali Khameini is an Azerbaijani himself. Persecution can be difficult in Iran and so much outreach is done secretly and in house fellowships. Training is usually done out of the country or through the internet or broadcast. God has been moving in wonderful ways in recent years and many have come to know Him through dreams and visions. Formal gatherings are difficult but God is bringing people to Himself. The scriptures and various other written and electronic resources are available in Iranian Azerbaijani.

Ongoing Prayer Needs:


  • For the continual growth of the church, and the safety of its leaders.

  • For a change in the heart of the leaders of the country towards the church. 

  • For the word to spread quickly amongst the Azerbaijanis of Iran.



Home to 400,000 Azerbaijanis, the ancient Christian nation of Georgia is a land of beautiful scenery, rich history and ancient culture. There are very few Azerbaijani believers in Georgia and ministry to them is relatively recent. Different ethnic populations moved around a lot during the time of the Russian and Soviet administration of the region, when the three small Caucasian nations of Armenia. Georgia and Azerbaijan were part of one administrative region or oblast. Georgia is a pro-western, European minded nation, and though a poor nation, it is seeking to integrate more with Europe, and as a result it is easy country to enter and stay for an extended period.


Azeris in Georgia are used to speaking Russian, so they are more likely to read the older Cyrillic version of the Azeri Bible. A Georgian Azeri will need to learn three different written scripts to read, Azeri Cyrillic, Russian Cyrillic , and Georgian.

For more detailed information refer to the Joshua Project pages. 

Ongoing Prayer Needs:


  • For the Lord to send more workers to the harvest

  • For local believers to come from years of nominal and cultural Islam to know the Lord to form an indigenous Georgian Azeri church.

  • For house churches to start in every Azeri village and town, so as to incarnate the reality of the Lord in the midst of the people.

  • For the collaboration of the workers to continue and grow more deeply.  

  • For more strong Georgian Azeri leaders to grow up.

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