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Traveling light

I returned last week after two weeks of conferences, speaking, singing and praying with pastors, leaders and wonderfully ordinary people in interesting places all the way from Ephesus, through Germany and England. I shared the love of Christ with those who had suffered unspeakable horror at the hands of Isis and sat in humble silence with a friend as he prepared to make his last journey to see the object of his and my great affection. I was struck again with the fragility of our existence and the importance of how our time is to be used wisely and kindly to bring the love of Christ to others. How we have been given the charge to bless, to heal, and to lift up, as well as to preach and to do all in the knowledge of our own frailty and neediness before a holy God, trusting in nothing, but His grace to cover and enfold us in to Him. In Christ alone are we found righteous, and in Christ alone do we have anything to offer to a broken world. I was stopped by the nice check-in lady at Heathrow who noticed my bag seemed large for a carry on and assumed it would be too heavy. I never check in baggage for myself. I told her it would be within the 8 kilo limit but she seemed doubtful. When 7.7 kg came up on her scale she was surprised, but I assured her that I was a man who always tried to travel light. In life, in the Spirit or in the air, may it ever be true of my life and yours when it comes to our lives' journeys, however long they may be.

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