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Who are the Azerbaijanis?

Azerbaijanis are a Muslim-background people of about 40 million. They are concentrated in the Caspian Sea region in northwest Iran and Azerbaijan. With less than 2% as known followers of Jesus, they are considered one of the world's largest unreached people groups. 


Their roots are in the Caucasus Mountains. Their language is a Turkic language. And their history is intertwined with Persians and Russians. So as they are reached with the Gospel, they have high potential for reaching others throughout Central Asia and the Middle East.

Azerbaijanis need prayer

Ramadan begins at sundown on Wednesday, March 22nd. With all of the hardships that Azerbaijanis have faced over the past few years, including war in nearby Ukraine, economic hardships, and anti-government protests in Iran, some may be more inclined to seek God’s favor in the only way they know how--through Islam. That is why we are inviting many people to join us in daily prayer during this holy month for Muslims.

Join us in praying

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As a member of the Network of Azerbaijani Partnerships,
the North American Azerbaijani Network exists to facilitate:


  • bringing the gospel to Azerbaijanis worldwide

  • forming healthy, reproducing, locally-led indigenous churches amongst the Azeris

  • providing a convening place for local and expatriate workers to come together in collaborative partnerships that will further these aims

Misson and Purposes
Our Purposes

the need for ministry among  Azerbaijanis worldwide and in North America

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individuals, groups, and churches in prayer, advocacy, friendship and outreach towards Azerbaijanis
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individuals and teams to serve cross-culturally to reach Azerbaijanis with the Gospel
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partnering relationships to help meet physical, developmental and spiritual needs of Azerbaijanis

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partners with trusted resources and relationships to achieve shared ministry goals among Azerbaijanis

Contact Us
Contact us

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