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As a member of the Network of Azerbaijani Partnerships,

the North American Azerbaijani Network exists to:


  • Facilitate the bringing of the gospel to Azerbaijanis worldwide

  • Form healthy, reproducing, locally-led indigenous churches amongst the Azeris

  • Provide a convening place for local and expatriate workers to come together in collaborative partnerships that will further these aims


To mobilize the Church of North America to reach the Azerbaijanis with the Gospel 
To raise awareness of the church in North America of the need for ministry amongst the Azerbaijani people worldwide and in North America. 

To work in partnership in North America and elsewhere to meet the needs of the Azerbaijani people, both spiritually and


To inspire and equip the involvement of others in ministry to the Azerbaijani people worldwide. 

To provide a central clearing house for prayer ministry, resource personnel and

financial needs identified by those involved in the ministry to the Azerbaijanis. 


Contact Us

4741 Zealand Ave N

New Hope, MN 55428

Tel: 763-971-5102

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