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Reveal Yourself to the Azerbaijani people through...
Your Word in their heart language,
dreams and visions,
miracles and answered prayers,
Gospel films and social media,
interest in their ancient Christian heritage,
and the life and witness of believers.
Bookmark and John 17
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Prayercast Videos

View, download, and share video prayers for Azerbaijanis.

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30 Days of Prayer

Learn about their history and culture as we pray for Azerbaijanis to turn to Jesus.

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Weekly Prayer Zoom Call

Thursdays at 8:00 AM Central USA Time

(5:00 PM Baku Time)

Ongoing Prayer Needs:


​In Iran, pray for...

  • opportunities to hear the Gospel through courageous witnesses and creative media

  • the multiplying Iranian Church to obey the call to reach Azeris

  • Iranian Azeris to find their identity and value in belonging to Jesus Christ


In Azerbaijan, pray for...

  • God's love to be proclaimed in the dozens of towns and villages which have never heard the Gospel

  • enduring solutions to conflicts with Armenia and Russia

  • mature leaders, deepening unity, and increased discipleship for the growing Church in spite of government surveillance

In North America, pray for...

  • dissatisfaction with America's prosperity to initiate spiritual searching

  • the lonely and brokenhearted to find healing, hope, and love in Jesus

  • deep friendships with believers who will lovingly lead them to Christ