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Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their efforts. 

(Ecclesiastes 4:9 CSB)

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For Azerbaijanis, it takes time to cultivate respect and trust. For partnership to work, North Americans need to understand the high value that Azerbaijanis place on relationships. We need to take time to drink tea together. More important than fulfilling project goals is the journey of doing it together with brothers and sisters that you love.

Our network is made up of churches and ministry partners committed to long-term reciprocal relationships with Azerbaijanis.

We invite your church or ministry organization to join us in this journey of pursuing life together so that Jesus is honored among Azerbaijanis.

Pillar Churches

Our pillar churches are deeply invested in Great Commission work among Azerbaijanis. They understand that cultivating deep, trusting relationships takes time, and is the key to reaching Azerbaijanis and affirming effective local ministry leaders. 


So our network is led by churches who are committed to praying, giving, welcoming and sending. Each of our pillar churches contributes to our ministry budget, and appoints a member to serve on our board of directors.

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Asbury Church
Tulsa, Oklahoma
College Park Church 3.jpeg
College Park Church
Indianapolis, Indiana
Grace Katy.jpeg
Grace Fellowship Church
Katy, Texas
New Hope Church 2.jpeg
New Hope Church
New Hope, Minnesota
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Join Us as a Pillar Church

Help shape the way North Americans participate in the Great Commission among Azerbaijanis. Contact us at to begin a conversation

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