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Looking up to one instead of three

I was tweaked today by an African theologian who reminded me of something very important. We serve a God who is a community and a unity of three persons in one. The dear brother challenged me and many of usI am guessing, who live in the west in our singular thinking, to consider the impact of our modal considerations and how our insular minds often cause us to forget that God came to this world saying, "let us." He coined the gentle stigmatizing name of tri-theist for all of us who tend to split God up into the constituent parts that we think we can handle at a time. The angry vengeful God of the OT, the loving Jesus of the NT and the wonderful helpful Spirit of God of the Church age. We forget that Jesus said Lo I will be with you till the end of the age, and that in Rev 3:20 it was not to the Spirit bringing the revelation you were opening the door, but to Jesus, the One who only did what He saw His Father doing.

Why do I share this? For me as a partnership facilitator and network coordinator the power of the unity of many is a vital component in understanding what makes us strong and what will evidence the presence of God amongst us. Our vision and calling is the binding of our community and the Spirit of God its very life blood and sinew for its health and energy. We are at our best a community that shares both a common Father and a common belief but also a unity that believes in common goals and a unified destiny lived out in both the small and the distant goals of our faith and life together. Will we look to one or to three. The decision to do the latter may determine our success, our longevity and ultimately our true motivation and calling's origin.

May you remember the smile on the face of your Father, enjoy the fellowship of the Son, and be thrilled and uplifted by the beauty of the Spirit. We many are one in the Spirit, one in our calling, one in our faith and one in our joyous reward.

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